Shay Amour is a professional business woman who specializes in all things skincare, cosmetics, apparel, & hair. She is self-taught and very talented in creating handmade/customized products such as all natural skincare, lip cosmetics, apparel, and custom wigs. She has owned & developed small businesses for herself for over 15 years. She furthered her studies in business by obtaining a Bachelors & Masters degree in Business Administration & Management. This allowed her to receive specialized knowledge and training in business.

Shay Amour offers her clientele amazing personalized products and service. She started her career as a hair stylist and extended her expertise to customizing handmade wigs. This is how her first successful wig business, Amour Wigs, was born. She later on created other businesses such as Amour Luxury Co, Amour Luxury Cosmetics, Amour Luxury Wigs, & Amour Luxury Apparel.

Amour Luxury Skincare offers all natural skincare that is perfect for cleansing, exfoliating, hydrating, & moisturizing the skin.

Amour Luxury Wigs/Amour Wigs offers handmade wig units that are unique and appeal to all women. Shay Amour has created her signature wig units that are versatile, bold, & beautiful.

Amour Luxury Apparel offers luxury & great quality apparel. We pride ourselves on providing our clients luxury clothing that is unique and appeal to all. 

Amour Luxury Cosmetics offers handmade luxury lip gloss, lip tints, and lip oils. Our glosses are catered to anyone that is in need of hydrating and moisturizing their lips. We pride ourselves on creating unique and vegan lip cosmetics.

Shay Amour is always looking to give more of herself to the business sector. She has recently focused on creating handmade lip cosmetics, fashion apparel, & skincare as well as teaching others about starting their own small business. She has a popular YouTube channel that showcase her skills through detailed  tutorials and informative DIY videos. She is an amazing and motivated woman who strives to be the best at everything she does or creates. Her success is limitless.