Please keep in mind some of our items are formulated with butters & oils, which makes it a heat/weather sensitive product. Due to the change of weather or very warm days, our skincare products may soften or slightly melt in transit. We are taking necessary precautions by using more protective packaging and layers of insulation when shipping out to you to ensure your item arrives to you safely!!

Unfortunately, we cannot control the heating conditions doing transit or delivery as they sit in mail offices, mailboxes & mail trucks. Your item may arrive to you slightly melted or softened. We recommend as soon as you receive your item, refrigerate it or place in a cool area in your home so it may solidify back to its normal setting. At times, your item may slightly melt or harden depending on where you store it. If it begins to melt, store item in a cooler temperature area & if it hardens, store item in a warmer temperature area.

Softening or hardening may occur and the consistency of our item may change. Please understand it does not affect the quality of our products or the moisturizing benefits you receive when applying it to your skin. If you need assistance in solidifying, softening, or hardening your skincare product, please feel free to reach out to us. We will be happy to help!!

To ensure you receive your item safely. We have changed the shipping option to USPS First Class &/or Priority. Due to the summer weather & warm temperatures, we are making sure your items are delivered to you as quickly as possible. This is to minimize any softening or slightly melting of our items in transit. Unfortunately, we cannot control the heating conditions during shipping or delivery. We are trying our best to protect our products during transit by using protective packaging and faster shipping times.